Artist Bio

Born in 1979, ATMA grew up in Toulouse, an influential town for Street Art. ATMA started his artistic pursuit on the walls of his city and later in Rabat, Barcelona and London where he currently lives and works.

Starting as a portrait artist, ATMA began painting in Black and White. This is a signature theme which has continued throughout his career on walls and canvasses.

ATMA’s adventure continues with his exploration of colour, dimension, texture and scale. This has led to his collage collection; including his commission by Camel for a large scale piece using their packaging.
Further pieces being London city lovers, bustling tubes and portraits of inspiring personnalities such as Kevin Spacey, Gordon Ramsay and Chris Eubank.

ATMA’s most recent project is his contribution to TUNNEL 228, a huge art project beneath London’s Waterloo Station. Curated by theatre group Punch Drunk, it features Mark Jenkins, Vhils, Ben Tyers, Polly Morgan, Antony Micallef, Xenz, Busk…

The word ATMA, meaning Soul, conveys to us his vision and his work.

ATMA’s Website

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