Art by Nemo

Flowers of the Sun (KS), 4 x 6 in

Let’s Take Flight (NM), 4 x 6 in

Texas 2, 4 x 6 in

Amber Waves (OK), 4 x 6 in

Mountains, Farmed Fresh (CO), 4 x 6 in

Colorado 2, 4 x 6 in

Saguaro Canyon, 4 x 6 in

 The Country Lives in the Hills (TX), 4 x 6 in

O Joshua Tree, O Joshua Tree! (CA), 4 x 6 in

Artist Bio

Nemo was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and has a background in architectural and graphic design. His wife, Hannah, grew up in the Texas Hillcountry and has a degree in Architecture. The couple met while working in an architectural firm, but soon discovered their mutual love of art and business ownership. They started their business “Art by Nemo” in their historic home in downtown San Antonio. Their business is now located in Comfort, TX. In an effort to spread the word about their work, the couple now travels the country in their camper-van participating in art festivals and other venues. Nemo and Hannah collaborate on all aspects of their business, from subject matter and color schemes, to websites and social media, with Nemo applying his circle drawing ability to everything and Hannah utilizing her business sense to keep things running smoothly.

Artist Statement

The focus of “Art by Nemo” is not the subject, but the method by which it was constructed. As trained architectural drafts-people, Nemo and Hannah grew weary of computer aided drafting; they had the desire to put their manual drawing skills to work. Drafting requires a steady hand, mastery of one’s tools and patience, as does the art work. They use various line weights combined with multiple styles of circles, spirals and swirls to compose the subjects. The entire image is drawn freehand with number two pencil and an accent of colored pencil on vellum drafting paper or clayboard. They also work with paint pen on canvas. Hannah and Nemo choose their subjects due to their beauty, but for them the real beauty is found in the complexity of details made with the most primitive of tools.

Nemo’s Drawing Video

Nemo’s Website

Nemo’s Blog

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