Aris Moore

Aris Moore is a New Hampshire based artist, currently working toward her MFA. These fantastic pieces are from her daily sketchbook. Here are a few words from Aris on her most recent body of work:

I hope to travel between the spaces of known and unknown, between adulthood and childhood to create an experience that is revealing, but not revealed.  I want my figures to exist in a realm that is between what is seen and what is felt, between what is presented and what lies underneath. I want an ambiguity that makes the content less controlled: a figure with a smile that is taken at face value by some and is questioned by others; or figures that hold each other, and to some reveal comfort and to some control. Ultimately, the space between the question and the answer: between the occurrence and its recollection; between one’s truth and that of another; are the spaces that I am most interested in. The questions are far more interesting than the answers and remain constant, while the answers change over time.

Aris Moore’s blog

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