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About Anthony Freda

Anthony Freda is a political artist and illustrator and has been published in popular publications like Time, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Esquire and more. Freda’s illustration is edgy and will certainly make you think.

I’m just an artist trying to make sense of the world, using my art as a vehicle to channel the passion I feel about the injustice I see everywhere.

I have been accused of creating art that is somehow Un-American. That assessment is not accurate and completely misses the point of my work. I feel privileged to have been born in this country and I cherish the notion of personal freedom that America was founded on. I am pointing a finger at those who enact policies that destroy our freedoms and start wars that needlessly kill Americans and innocents abroad. Their agenda does not represent my idea of what this country stands for. Our ‘officials’ are not America, We are.

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