Anne-D Mejaki

Grounded We Stand

Crossing Spheres

Portrait Toronto Commission

My Roots

The Forest Remembers


We All Belong


Artist statement

My art allows my heart to joyfully sing and like a conduit, I spill onto my canvas, sharing the energy with nature, people, surroundings and the universe.Why force anything in life when moving forward by your intuition allows you to receive the greatest of gifts. That is how I create my best and most original artwork… by being aware, open and receptive to creation through my magic-eye

Anne -D Mejaki on The Escape Into Life Arts Store

Anne -D Mejaki’s Website

5 responses to “Anne-D Mejaki”

  1. Stonge9 says:


  2. Frankie says:

    I’ve known Anne-Denise Mejaki for many years and I must say she is at her best. Creatively she has alway had her “Magic Eye”. And what perfect name for it. Her “Magic Eye” as well as her “Magic Heart” has always left her fans incredibly ovewhelmed with the depth of inspiration in her creativety, with the magical and profound readings of her art, with the need to want more………more of the story that captivates and sometimes brings you home. What can I say but “Thank You Beautiful Lady”!!


  3. Francesmmitchell says:

    beautiful! i love the light, texture and detail, you’re a very good portrait artist!

  4. EIL says:

    Thank you! She will be selling her work in the new EIL store soon 🙂

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