Angelica Paez

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My name is Angelica Paez and I have been making collages for over 15 years, although I probably started as soon as I had safety scissors in my hand as a small kid. I had a love for construction paper then and enjoyed cutting out make-believe scenes using some of my mother’s catalogs and magazines. Little has changed since then, except now I use sharp scissors.


vernacular photography, estate sales, biographies, documentaries, found art, mail art, collage, mid-century modern, art deco, vintage jewelry, typography, collecting worthless junk, carnivals, old toys, outsider art, modern art, birds, ragtime, 1970s music, ephemera, photography, baseball, flea markets, the Ramones, novelty tunes, classic Converse sneakers, and much much more.

Angelica Paez’s Website

Thanks to La Contessa for finding this artist!

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  2. OMG your stuff is fabulous. I need to spend lots of time here. If you dont mind, I would like to put your link on my blog. If you like my stuff and want to trade links that would be great.

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