Amy Bennett

From Interview:

Your art has a very unique style — paintings that are not only reminiscent of miniature models, but are actually very small themselves, with size being measured in inches. How did you develop this style?

I prefer working in a small scale where details of facial expressions and clothing styles are irrelevant. I made larger figures for awhile, but they always seemed corny to me. Because I am so detail oriented, at a larger scale I couldn’t escape addressing a person’s particular hairstyle or what they were wearing, which was distracting and beside the point of my image. I found that by painting people about one inch tall, it was enough for me to just indicate the color of hair and clothes and the orientation of a head without getting bogged down in superfluous information. The people had more mystery to them. So in images where a person occupies an interior, the panel size is quite small, maybe just a couple of inches, whereas a figure in a broad landscape requires a much bigger panel. (diskursdisko)

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