Alvaro Ortega Bianchi

Artist Bio

Alvaro Ortega Bianchi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1982. He went to graphic design school at University of Belgrano, and has been experimenting with street arts since he began studying. He started to worked to learn more about the media in several design studios. After that Alvaro entered in the world of advertising, where he worked as an art director, illustrator, and also directed some commercials.

Since then he has began to do illustrations, t shirts, posters by his side and collaborate designing and drawing comics with popular comic artist Juan Saenz Valiente. Now Alvaro has his own teamwork called Cucacolor, they mix all kinds of technics and styles to try to make the most original works and art expositions or installations, such as Arte 2 corazones in 2008, Bsaskateart in 2009, and a wallpaint at teatro Sanmartin in 2010.

Alvaro Ortega Bianchi’s website

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