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He used draw Wood Woodpecker and make flip-books at an early age. By 17, after spent his entire childhood drawing passionately, he has entered university to study Industrial Design.

As a result of a ethnic mixture which includes a caucasian father and a african descendant mother, Alexandre Soma developed a taste and an artistic performance that is a combination of very brazilian root culture and modernity. Inspired by books such as “Neuromancer” and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and animations and science fiction movies like “Aeon Flux”, “Matrix”, “Blade Runner”, “2001 – Space Odissey” and “Animatrix”, Soma was able to see a futuristic perspective of life and art.

Because he cares so much about cultural diferences, he researched mythology and brazilian indigenous culture with the goal of finding his own identity and origins to give future a more organic and argumentavive idea of deal with cultural diversity and technologic development. His concept became a quantum dance between technology, science, art and root culture formed his great and single way of looking at the world. Soma calls his concept BIOTROPICADELIA” or “Bio-nano-futuristic tropical-indigenous psychedelia”, including, besides all things above, same Tropicalismo’s influences, a cultural movement that revolutionized Brazilian music and art in the late 1960s.

Alexandre Soma won two visual art competitions in 2008: “Levi’s be original” and “Motomix”. He has already been published as designer and columnist in many magazines: Computerarts Brasil,, Fanzine Mywave, Fanzine mycool (principal poster),, Imasters and Computer Arts Brasil #19. Furthermore, he has been invited to expose his work at Nederlands Fotomuseum: “brazilian contemporary ” exposure, by Zupi magazine, 2009; IED São Paulo: “brasilidade ilustrada” exposure, by Zupi magazine, 2008; and Cia de Luz Cataguases Leopoldina Galery: “Olhares Fotográficos” exposure, 2004.

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