Akira Beard

Artist Statement:

The above images are part of a collection of work titled “Made in America, by an American, for all Americans . . .” Mainly the artworks consist of pop-iconic portraits that best symbolize the concept being described for that particular painting. Some of the concepts I work with are: identity, consumerism, defining art, altruism, individualism, working at a job you hate, and so on.

My primary interest is to have a discussion on issues that I have experienced as a result of having existed in American culture, and to relate and/or empathize with others that may have experienced similar situations, feelings, and thoughts in the culture as well. The medium is watercolor, acrylic, paint marker, ink, and graphite on paper. The process begins with the concept, and from there I choose the figure that would be the poster person for such. It then becomes a form follows function pursuit using the aesthetics/ mediums to visually express the desired idea/feeling, resulting in a loaded portrait.

About myself in a nutshell . . . I currently live in San Francisco working as a full time artist, teaching art to the young and the old. I teach art to seniors in a non-profit organization known as “Art With Elders,” as well as teaching on the college level (fine art painting and fashion illustration) at the Academy of Art University San Francisco. Also I exhibit my art through Shooting Gallery/White Walls in San Francisco, where I am currently part of a five person group show titled “New Territory.”

Escape into Life is a great resource for being introduced to a variety of current contemporary artists, and I hope that others will find their way to my art as I have found my way to others through it.

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