Adriean Koleric

About The Artist 

Adriean Koleric is a Canadian artist from the city of Edmonton. Beginning as an Interior Designer in the mid 90’s, Adriean later moved on to Industrial Design – collaborating with artists who used his furniture designs as a canvas for their own work. Association with such a creative environment led Adriean to develop his own visuals which are on display here.

Adriean’s work is impossible to ignore. The bright, contrasting colours provide the viewer with a visual feast. His signature colours appear to be bright greens and blues although here is an artist with an ever changing colour palette.

Influenced by the great architect, Will Alsop, there is a similarity between confidence and risk that you feel from both works. “for me (Alsop) is pretty fearless when it comes to use of colours and form. You know some will be offended while some will feel instant love. I just see him as someone who creates what pleases himself and if you like it great, if not then your loss. I try to follow that approach of ‘me first’ which may or not be a good thing, but i’m OK with that. Art is a selfish lady.”

A selfish lady she may be, but Adriean’s pieces seem to be rewarding on many levels – not least the variation between complex and simple compositions. Irregular patterns create almost visual motifs.

The beauty behind these pieces lie between the twisted composition of nature and the man made. With the infringement of one of the other so intrinsically woven into modern society, Adriean’s pieces capture this tussle perfectly. (ArtSlant

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