Adam Dant

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Dant says he has been a compulsive drawer for as long as he can remember. Aged eight, as a young boy at a rough Roman Catholic school in Cambridge, he recalls being asked to decorate the entire school play set for a production of Alice in Wonderland. His early influences came from being dropped off at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge by his mother when she went to do her weekly shopping. ‘I remember spending hours looking at the Egyptian collection and I also loved old books. My favourite was The Three Musketeers by Dumas. I also read a lot when I was young.’

Dant’s work shows the influence of his reading of Voltaire, Pope, Swift and, above all, Borges. He has a scholarly regard and understanding for architectural detail and the tradition of woodcuts and print-making. -William Cash, Spear’s WMS (Spear’s WMS )

Adam Dant on Artnet

Adam Dant at The Drawing Room

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