Abigail Reynolds

EscapeIntoLife_AbigailReynolds1Double Cube Room, Interiors Series, 2009, cut & tiled book plates, 41 x 37 cm

EscapeIntoLife_AbigailReynolds2 Piccadilly Circus New Years Celebrations  1951/1961, 2008, cut & folded vintage book plates,  15 x 11 inches

EscapeIntoLife_AbigailReynolds3The Great Stair, 2009, cut & tiled book plates, 37.5 x 36.5 cm

EscapeIntoLife AbigailReynolds

Admiralty Arch,  2o10, cut & folded vintage book plates, 39.8 x 31.5 cm


Women, 2009, cut & folded book plates, 41.5 x 30 cm


Centrepoint  1975/ 1981, The Universal Now, 2010,  cut & folded vintage bookplates ,14.75 x 11 inches


Henry VII Chapel  1967 / 1975, The Universal Now, 2010, cut and folded  vintage book plates, 17.13 x 13.75 in

EscapeIntoLife Downing Street  1979 / 1985, The Universal Now, 2010, cut & folded vintage book plates, 10.38 x 15.63 in

EscapeIntoLife_AbigailReynolds9The Music Room, 2009, cut & tiled book plates, 49 x 29.5 cm


Artist  Statement

I collect second hand tourist guides.  Within the century of printed photographs that they contain, I search for plates that have been printed at similar scale, taken from a similar view point.  When I find a near match between book plates, I cut and fold the pages into a new single surface. The dates written on each work give the publication dates of the books I have used. Whichever has been used as the ‘base’ image is listed first.

The patterns I use to cut the two book pages into one single surface are such that all of both sheets of paper are preserved. If you were to fold all the flaps in or out, the entirety of each image will be seen. The act of folding one image into the other pushes them out into three dimensions in a bulging time ruffle.

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