Aakash Nihalani

escapeintolife_AaakashNihalani1Tipping, 2009, papertape on columns, New Delhi, India

escapeintolife_AaakashNihalani2Eye Scream Sunday, 2010, paper tape and cardboard on tires, Brooklyn, New York

escapeintolife_AakashNihalani3Won Way, 2009, paper tape on ground, Vienna, Austria

EscapeintoLife_Aakash_Nihalani4 Grass Fed, 2009, paper tape on ground, Jefferson City, Missouri

ESCAPEINTOLIFE-AakashNihalaniArt Connects New York, A Better Place, 2009, paper tape on fence, New York, New York

escapeintolife_Aakash_NihalaniArt Connects New York, A Better Place, 2009, paper tape on ground, New York, New York

escapeintolife_Aakash_NihalaniPlayground, 2010, paper tape and cardboard on ground, Brooklyn, New York

EscapeintoLife_Aakash_Nihalani Starecase I, ( Around) ,2010, paper tape and cardboard on wall, B rooklyn, New York

escapeintolife_aakash_nihalanino information available

EscapeintoLife_ Aakash_NihalaniStop, Pop and Roll, 2010, paper tape and cardboard on traffic sign, Brooklyn, New York

escapeintolife_aakash_nihalaniExit, 2009, paper tape on wall, Arario Gallery, New York, New York

Below: Video: Charmer, 2010, paper tape and cardboard.  Brooklyn, New York

About the Artist

Aakash Nihalani, b. 1986 New York, USA, has fashioned a visual language all his own. The neon in his work highlights details that might otherwise go unnoticed, while his minimalist patterns form self-contained pockets which encourage examination both within the isolated space and of the world at large.

His work often engages the public by creating three-dimensional environments that can be physically entered, transforming passersby or gallery visitors into participants and offering them a momentary escape from daily life.

Recent solo and group shows include Overlap, Bose Pacia, New York (2010), Re-Creation II, Carmichael Gallery at Ogilvy & Mather (2010), Off & On (Often On), Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles (2010), Tape and Mirrors, Eastern District Gallery, Brooklyn (2009) and Paraphrase, Arario Gallery, New York (2009).

2009 and 2010 also saw him complete ephemeral, site-specific tape installations (both commissioned and otherwise) throughout the US and in India, Austria and France. He lives and works in Brooklyn.

Source:  Carmichael Gallery, Culver City, CA where Aakash Nihalani is participating in After the Rain. The show runs January 8 – February 5th 2011

Aakash Nihalani’s Website

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