Picasso and Braque Creating Cubism

Femme en pleurs” (“Woman in tears“) by Pablo Picasso 1937

In the early 20th century, film was catching the eyes of everyone. In this era Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque developed a new way of painting. This new form of painting called cubism revolutionized the way people saw art. They took the concept of film projecting images at different angles and applied it to canvas. Using a form of collage they incorporated parts of their daily lives into their work such as mentions of a newspaper or movie tickets in their paintings.  This year film maker Arne Glimcher, of the Pace Gallery, along with producer Martin Scorsese released a documentary Picasso and Braque Go To The Movies. In this film, the story of how cubism influenced art through Picasso and Braque’s paintings is unfolded.

Video courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art

An interview with Arne Glimcher on his documentary here.

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  2. Picasso and Braque can both be credited with the creation of cubism, and rightly so, but their works are quite inherently different, especially in terms of theme. Who can forget Picasso’s obsession with the bull, with humanity’s break from nature (a la the Rites of Spring, perhaps?), in contrast with Braque’s more cold, clinical abstraction of humanity and nature.

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