Orson Whales

Orson Whales

by Alex Itin

This is more or less a birthday gift to myself. I’ve been drawing it on every page of Moby Dick (using two books to get both sides of each page) for months. The soundtrack is built from searching “moby dick” on You Tube (I was looking for Orson’s Preacher from the the John Huston film), I couldn’t find the preacher, but did find tons of Led Zep and drummers doing Bonzo and a little Orson reading from the Novel for a failed Italian T.V. film . . . . makes for a nice Melville in the end.

About the Artist:

My name is Alex Itin and I’m currently working as artist-in-residence at the Institute for the Future of the Book. I am the son of an abstract painter and graphic designer from Basel, Switzerland and an actress/fiber artist teacher from Long Island. I have always felt that I have one foot in the old world and one in the new. In some very real way my work and life have been an attempt to make a synthesis of the dialectic that is my parents both as people and artists.

Alex Itin’s Website

Thanks to Maria Popova for finding this artist!

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