Herb and Dorothy


a film by Megumi Sasaki

I just finished watching the documentary Herb&Dorothy about the legendary art collectors, Herb and Dorothy Vogel, who began collecting art in New York City in the early sixties. They purchased works that they could afford, mostly ones that nobody else wanted at the time. Over 4o years, they filled their small New York apartment with over 2,000 works. Now many of the artists are famous, and the Vogel collection is in the National Gallery of Art.

This film will change how you look at art. Every work that the Vogels purchased was centered on their love for the particular piece, their interest in the artist’s development, and their passion for art itself. The only place that money entered the equation was if they could afford it. The contemporary art world, with its market economy, tends to be removed from the basic human appreciation for art. Watching this film, I saw how natural and beautiful it is.

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