Chuck Close: A Portrait in Progress

In this short video, we are introduced to the philosophy of Chuck Close, painter, photographer, and printmaker. The work of Chuck Close is both unusual and inspiring for its contradictory effect, becoming something like an enigma. On the one hand, we have a living image that produces a visceral response in the viewer. On the other hand, distortion and abstraction serve to emphasize the central role of process and artificiality. As Philip Glass says, “Chuck’s work was always about making work, and how the work was made. And the result was the image, so the image became a kind of carrier for an idea.”

Chuck Close’s website

Thanks to WhatisArtDiscuss for finding this video!

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  1. Daniel Edlen says:

    There's a great exhibit of Close's work at right now. Large scale examples of his work along with the plates and grids that show how he did his work. I love how his work is topographical, looking at the architecture of the faces. I do sort of the same thing with white acrylic on vinyl records, painting portraits of the musician on the album. Anyway, thanks for sharing the video!


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