Art Inside and Outside – Bodega Navarro Correas

More and more we are witnessing the social scene of wine and art come together. Art and wine festivals have been around for awhile now. More recently we read in EIL’s blog post, art and wine social groups are coming together in art classes. Wineries have long celebrated the arts with new and creative labels supporting artists. In the past few years Bodega Navarro Correas winery developed an art and wine campaign “Art Inside and Outside” supporting Latin American artists. Recently they developed an interactive art installation as part of their campaign. The following is their description and video.

We created a 13 x 8.2 foot structure with 1000 acrylic cells and an automated robotic mechanism, that would be filled with 6 different shades of wine, people could choose a cell and sent a text message, and the robot filled each box with wine. At the end people could recreate the Van Gogh’s self portrait and build a masterpiece with our masterpiece Navarro Correas wine.

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Thanks to Navarro Correas for sharing this with us!

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