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At its simplest, A128 is Miguel Barbosa’s of (YEAH! Films) profile of Sheridan College’s Senior illustration thesis show. What defines A128 as an artistic work of its own, however, is the documentary’s eclectic blend of film, illustration, and music.

A128 started as a documentation of the film’s producer, Adam Winnik’s senior grad show process. With approval from Sheridan faculty, Barbosa and company documented the hectic art exhibition from start to finish. Barbosa said, “My main focus was to document exactly what happens within the illustration collective with limited embellishment. We are bombarded with illustrations on a daily basis”.  A128 seeks to raise questions about illustration’s role in society by asking illustrators and instructors about their work.

So, much of A128’s B-Roll is pictures of the illustrator’s work. Perhaps this is one A128’s most compelling qualities: a lightening fast display of “neat looking” art. The film’s soundtrack is also worth mention. Barbosa goes on to explain:

The music is from a band called Twigg & Stone. I’ve been working with them for two years now. It’s really beautiful, atmospheric music. Perfect for dialog and subtle sequences.

What connects all these art mediums together is Barbosa’s editing. Barbosa continues on:

Jason Matos (co-director) and I shot as much footage as we could within our time frame so the film really came together in the editing process. We had no idea what the final cut would look like when we started it. As an editor, I work purely on instinct. I don’t plan sequences out too extensively ahead of time; most of my work happens in the moment. Just like the work of the illustrators in A128, the finished product you see is a refined instant of creativity.

The title is a reference to one of the illustration collective’s working rooms. After four years, it feels like “they’ve spent a lifetime” in room A128, Barbosa said. A128, is also about personal relationships with art and creation, but the film manages to raise these questions without sounding lofty. When asked his definition of art, Barbosa said:

Art is our way of being truly honest without having to worry about what other people think.

You can check out A128 right here!

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