Sascha Braunig at Foxy Production

No Solutions, oil on canvas, 24″x 30″, 2009

Sascha Braunig, a young Canadian artist, known for her reimagining of the studio portrait, was recently featured in her first solo exhibit at Foxy Production in Manhattan. Though Braunig is generating quite a bit of sophisticated critical attention, the semiotic and linguistic meaning of the paintings will not pose an obstacle for enjoying them. At first assessment, Braunig’s work seems to come from more simple times – namely the golden age of pre-effect horror films from the 1950’s.

Coils, oil on canvas, 24″ x 22″, 2011

Braunig’s casual approach to painterly realism belies a sophisticated and taut sense of space color and surface.  The modesty and straightforwardness in her work provides a sense of relief from art and culture that is “Pixar-ed”to the point where it becomes indistinguishable from the drivel it is meant to be critiquing.

Goldwarp, oil on canvas, 18.1″ x 14″, 2010

Braunig’s saturated oil paintings become almost three dimensional with her use of impasto.  The majority of works depict a human bust, with chiseled shapes such as circles, lines and diamonds defining each figure. The patterned atmosphere in each painting merges with the central theme of each piece, which blurs the distinction between figure and ground. The ambiguity of the figurative and abstract heightens the juxtaposition between strength and fragility within each piece.

Chameleon, oil on linen, 24″ x 20″, 2011

For example, the piece Chameleon depicts a human head with a cloth like curtain in the background.  The entire piece depicts different shades of green as the base color, with a yellow diamond centered in the figure’s face. Contrasting circles are painted on the entire image using shades of silver, yellow-green, and gold.  Braunig’s exceptional painterability makes each statue like figure come to life.

Lashes, oil on panel, 22″ x 18″, 2011

Braunig is generating quite a bit of well-deserved sophisticated critical attention. The show is coherent but each painting has its own set of characteristics and issues that require them to be engaged one at a time – and one doesn’t have to “understand” the work to enjoy it.  Not only does the exhibit passes the all important kid test – a precocious child would like the paintings – one is unlikely to enter the gallery and take in the show in a seven-second spin.

Sequins, oil on canvas, 20″ x 16″, 2010

SASCHA BRAUNIG (Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada, 1983) currently lives and works in Portland, ME. She holds a BFA from The Cooper Union, New York, and an MFA in painting from Yale University. Exhibitions include: LISTE, Basel, Switzerland (upcoming); Foxy Production, New York (both solo, 2011); Freudenreich, Berlin; Everard Findlay, Brooklyn, NY (both 2010); ATM Gallery, New York; Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study, Philadelphia (both 2009); Speed Limit, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York; John Connelly Presents, New York (both 2006); and The Infinite Fill Show, curated by Cory and Jamie Arcangel, Foxy Production, New York (2004).


Meredith Rosenberg currently lives in New York City where she is the Gallery Director at BravinLee programs and partner in BravinLee editions (hand-knotted rugs by contemporary artists).  BravinLee programs is pleased to present Iva Gueorguieva’s new exhibition Cut opening April 21, 2011

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