Denis Ichitovkin









Artist Statement

I’m studying in SPb Academy of arts and prefer figurative paintings with traditional effects of lights and textures. I like to paint my models in real situation without any idealistic. I like hyper realism and naturalism art styles. (Saatchi Gallery)

Denis Ichitovkin at the Academy of Arts Foundation

  • Eldrad

    Outstanding use of color and geometry in a realist medium. Approaching surrealism. Very good.

  • Akua

    Life shown through a living eye…I felt viewing was as if you had my eyes.

  • Akua

    Viewing was as if your hands and eyes were my eyes…painting my living.

  • Sam

    My god, I was confused as to whether these were photographs or not and why the people looked painted.

  • LeahQ

    Really lovely! Keep at it – do not stop – I want to see more of your work! – ok rest when you need to, but share them as soon as they dry! The textures on the walls, and subtlety of the colors really make for amazingly excellent paintings, and your sense of subject matter is so sensitive and thought-provoking.

  • karenine

    <3 i cant pinpoint exactly what makes this work so special but i think its absolutely beautiful. the thing is these settings are not particularly appealing yet he makes look so visually stunning!

  • Sarah

    How could I go about buying one of your pieces?

  • Markf16538

    Beautiful – so many subtle things in there. Amazing use of color. Emotional too.

  • This is so beautiful, great work!

  • нашла любимого художника после Семена Агроскина..

  • Elana Pritchard

    Wonderful work! So human!