Celebrating the Art of the Doodle: 20 Awesome

Faith Georgia

Jabson Rodrigues

molossus aka rooibas

Jim Bradshaw

Matt Lyon


Sam Morrison

Penny Raile

Mariann Johansen Ellis



Snippy Snippy

Don Moyer



Daniel Dors

Sherrie Thai

Dave Bollinger



Check out the essay, “Beyond the Doodle,” by David Maclagan

  • Zachary

    these are amazing. but they remind me of things my friend used to draw while on simulants, scary in a way

  • Anthony Pittarelli

    These are amazing, I really like that second one, but theyre all awesome!

    Anthony Pittarelli

  • Crazy wonderful! As an advocate for the doodling soul, I can't wait to share!!

  • Project4(TM)

    i love this i do this all the time

  • guest.

    innnnnnnnnncredible! I want this art show where I live.

  • Jessica

    am saving this page for future tattoo ideas (=

  • sterno22

    confessed doodler..these are ridiculous..very cool

  • Wbollmey

    Fantastic doodles

  • Fanupload

    i like Sam Morrison very much

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  • Lovelylaci

    Really great doodles…. post more:)

  • Sylvia_Klaus

    great to see abstract art like mine. Always looking for inspirations!

  • Lferiozzi

    sono tutti bellissimi…

  • ssas

    isnt a doodle something which requires no thought input at all or maybe a slight input. The idea of “doodles” is lost here

  • Mooch

    ah, so many hours spent in calculus not paying attention. Glad to see at least one more fellow line notebook doodler up there!

  • Guest

    how is the idea of doodles lost here? quit being so cynical.

  • mariacamellia

    This are really cool! It reminds me of my friends doodle art. Check it out if you have time, I think you will like it.

  • EIL

    Great work indeed, your friend does. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Fantage


  • Amazing! I just love Jabson Rodrigues draw.

  • Awesome..

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  • Davivid Rose

    jdyf333 says thank you!