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I like Art and Burning eyeballs . . .

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Thanks to CookItaly for finding this artist!

  • Pill_monzter

    Nice one mate. Your art is worth eye balling.

  • justj7

    These seem at first to be quite in depth, but then as an after thought….don't you think they objectify women just a wee bit? Maybe that was your intention? Whatever. Nice.

  • Just ran across this. Thanks for the post and the nice words everyone!

  • EIL

    Thank you Oliver for stopping by. Glad you like the post. We love your art!

  • Everyone loves your work! This post has had more than 22K hits on Stumble Upon!

  • srw

    i don’t think he’s trying to objectify women… one picture there is a keyhole, the stomach has scary face and the face is obscured in clouds/mystery…i think that one may be about how women are confusing/mysterious to men..how they can’t ever quite figure us out…i may be wrong but sometimes you have to look a little deeper