Jeff Seltzer

Artist Statement

My formal education is more about science – statistics, experimental design, and rhetorical theory. So, photography is a way I can exercise my creative side, yet consistent with my background, I look for organization, pattern, or some sense of order in my images. The images represent an on-going study in composition, and how seemingly insignificant elements can come together to form something beautiful or meaningful (not unlike the process of data analysis).

Jeff Seltzer’s Website

  • Jacx

    Appreciate the effort however your photograhs are plain. The color contrast and the placement of the focus and your objects are good but there is still missing something or pherphas someone

  • Thanjks, Jacx. I realize that my photos don't appeal to everyone, and that often people “don't get” them. Certainly, there is somelthing missing from many of my photos…clutter. What I try to concentrate on is what is there (vs. what's not there). Lately, I'm trying to expand my point of view. I'll be posting new images on my website hopefully soon. Thanks!

  • Jeff, great way to handle that . . . I love your work, personally.

  • Douglas Ljungivist

    nice graphic vernacular scenes and consistent compositions!