Eduardo Recife

Artist Statement

Misprinted Type is online since 1998. It is my playground! It started at first as a way to simple distribute the fonts I was creating back then. Later on I decided to also put some collages and drawings… Today Misprinted Type is where I put my ideas together, either in the form of a simple text, a collage, a drawing or a typeface. Everything you see here is my personal works and projects, there is no client, no brief, nothing… Call it design, illustration, art or a waste of time, for me its a theraphy, a hobby and what makes me happy.

Eduardo Recife’s Website

Thanks to David Metcalfe for finding this artist!

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  • yael

    I love his work since a long looooong time!!!!!!!!

  • joshuaparker

    What a cool mix of different things.

  • imnotacrook

    Just found your page via google! I’m a huge misprinted type fan he inspires my own work: