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Fernando Botero, The Poet

Escape into Life, online arts journal, pushes the boundaries of visual art and literature, blending the two together until they become one poem – a work of Visual Poetry.

Established as a new media experiment to meld, mingle, interrelate, bind, juxtapose, and interpenetrate the two forms of art, Escape into Life (EIL) aims to uncover the core similarities between literary art and visual art through technology, community, and inquiry. It embodies the fusion of the two mediums, revealing what happens when a journal allows both forms to meld and grow as an organic whole.

At the most basic level, there’s poetry and there’s visual art; separate and distinct forms of artistic expression. Taking a closer look, viewers will find Fiction, Poetry, Artwork, Photography, Artist Watch, Essays, and reviews of relevant books, music, and art. Each post is accompanied by a clear image to resonate with both viewers and readers alike. Escape into Life founder, Chris Al-Aswad (1979 – 2010), created the journal as a nexus of information, ideas, and promotion – demonstrated through high-end illustration, painting, fine art photography, and literature.

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    Chris Al-Aswad (1979 - 2010)
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