Kate Pugsley

EscapeIntoLife-Kate-Pugsley-1Trophy Child, oil on board

EscapeIntoLife-Kate-Pugsley-2Bloodstream, oil on board

EscapeIntoLife-Kate-Pugsley-3Rubescent, oil on panel

EscapeIntoLife-Kate-Pugsley-4The Yellow House, oil on panel


Onion Lady, oil on board


Inside Voices, oil on board

EscapeIntoLife-Kate-Pugsley-7It Starts, oil on board

EscapeIntoLife-Kate-Pugsley-8Untitled, oil on board

EscapeIntoLife-Kate-Pugsley-8Color Blind, oil on panel

EscapeIntoLife-Kate-Pugsley-9Peg, oil on board

EscapeIntoLife-Kate-Pugsley-10Undeveloped, oil on board

Artist Statement

I am an artist and illustrator living in Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in a small town in Ohio and studied illustration and fine art at the Rhode Island School of Design. In my work I enjoy creating a narrative that is often both specific and ambiguous.

Small things, like glimpsing an interesting color combination on the street or simply seeing something out of the ordinary inspire me to make my art. My favorite mediums are oil paints, watercolors, gouache and cut paper. I am a fan of Iris Murdoch books, vintage postage stamps, knitting and coincidences.

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