Nikki Painter


Site Cycle (Gray), 2011


 10 (Verge),  2009, mixed media & collage on paper, 7 x 7 in.


Lapse #6, 2010


21, (Gather), 2009, mixed media and collage 0n paper


19 (Meet), 2009, mixed media & collage on paper, 7  x 7 in.


11, (Scene), 2009. mixed media & collage on paper, 7 x 7 in.


Field Drawing (Slip), 2011

EscapeIntoLife_Nikki Painter8

Site Cycle (Blue), 2011


Untitled (Ground), 2010

EscapeIntoLife_NikkiPainter -10

Window, 2010

 Artist Statement

Through my work I explore ideas about the natural and man-made worlds. I think of these terms as existing in a particular way, and I imagine my “natural” world at one end of a continuum while my “man-made” world exists at the other end. Through the investigation of drawing, I find out what happens along the continuum when one way-of-being is giving way to the other.

“Debris” as a subject bridges my ideas about these worlds. I have been interested in demolition sites because they appeal to my ideas about the natural world’s tendency toward chaos. This tendency manifests itself in the crumbling and splintering of man-made facades; however, demolition sites are also indicators of civilization’s cyclical nature- we destroy our structures in order to make way for new ones.

Within the often indeterminate spaces I portray, imagery, recognizable as detritus, floats alongside fragments of marks and patterns. Ambiguous places, exploded imagery, and broken motifs within my work correlate with what I perceive both in my internal and external environments as a constant state of flux.

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